The Middle Age Peasants

They had a hard life.


Peasants had many things to do. The peasants worked for long hours and they had big jobs. They were "owned" by a lord. They were common people that made up nine-tenths of the population. A peasant village held up to about 10 to 60 families. Their bed was a pile of leaves or straw. Their huts were made of wood and held together with mud. Blankets were animal skin. The peasants were hard working people, and they even the kids did work.


The children were born into their class. If you were born a peasant you stayed a peasant. They wore the same clothes as the adults, so their were no "kid" clothes. Usually they were named after a relative or saint. Even two year old's worked in the fields. They were often left alone, and the result was the child usually got hurt. The peasants had a lot to do, plus they had very poor clothes.


They really did a lot.


The peasant's clothes were made of wool or linen. The women worked very hard in making the clothes. The clothes were really poor, and they were rarely washed. Most of the colors were dull and plain: brown, red, or gray. Even their clogs ( which women wore too) were made of leather and were usually beaten down from all the work in the fields. The peasants had very basic food too.


The peasants ate basic food: bread, porridge, vegetables, and maybe some meat. The main crops they grew were corn, wheat, and beans. Usually they had little gardens, and had to only eat the food from the garden. If the crops didn't grow they didn't eat.


So as you can see the peasants had a hard life, and they had big responsibility's. They had to make stuff for themselves, and wake up early in the morning. Then, do their work during the day before they go to bed. The peasants were very important even if in a small way, and made the manor run.
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