Collision Practical

10/6/2015 By James Katsorhis



To investigate whether total momentum is conserved during a collision.


Two Dynamics Trolleys

Electronic Balance

Metre Ruler


Many 1kg weights

Two rubber bands tied together stretched to 20cm

Level bench top

Piece of A4 Paper

Masking Tape


1. First the A4 piece of paper was attached to the bench using masking tape. The two parallel lines were ruled on the paper, 20cm apart

2. The two trolleys were then linked with rubber bands

3. Then the trolleys were pulled apart and held with their front ends on the two lines.

4. The trolleys were then released. The two trolleys then accelerated towards each other and collided at the same time.

5. The distance from line 1 and line 2 to the collision point was then measured.

6. Various masses were then added to each of the trolleys. A total of one mass was tested.