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Child welfare services

How to be a part of child welfare programs?

Child abuse and neglect are very common these days. There are many reasons behind child abuse and neglect. Parents from economically backward region may not be able to take proper care of their children. Child abuse is one of the greatest threats to the society and is spoiling the kids of future generation. Millions of unprivileged children are thrown into early labor and other bitter ways of earning. They need help from society and not just sympathetic looks. You can help those children by donating to charity homes that are spread across the nation.

The debate regarding the need of child welfare and development programs have resurfaced. The question is why so many children are working in industries rather than going to school. If you have nothing to eat at home, they would look for ways of earning instead of studying. There is a great increase in the number of people who are adding to this count, and hence every country needs to develop a child welfare program. However, most of the child welfare services are falling short of their targets, and there are many to cover under these programs. Due to this, the poor children who are not benefiting from child development program are taking to work and neglecting their education. It is a normal choice that nay person would make survival, as it is tough to overcome hunger.

Blaming those who are making the most of this situation by using poor children as laborers for their own benefit won’t make any difference. The society has to come together and work towards establishing welfare programs for these children. We should help these organizations make all the basic facilities like – food, shelter and clothing, available for free. Until and unless these things are made available for free, the parents of underprivileged children could not be convinced to send their children to schools. Working for education of children should be the main aim of every child development program; because only proper education will empower children and help them to fulfill their dreams.

If you really want to do something constructive, then find a charitable organization that is seriously involved in child welfare and development. You can donate your time, excess household goods, office supplies, etc. You can even adopt a family for holidays and engage them whole day. You can become an authorized volunteer for supervised visitation. The visits must be supervised to make the lives of children much easier. You can search online for the best child welfare center and work with these centers to help them live a better life.

J Mark Consultants

The team works closely with the child welfare staff, children, youth and families, communities and leaders to identify the issues, challenges and approaches that will promote the most appropriate outcomes. This solution focused approach works to actively engage people in identifying and developing realistic and meaningful approaches.We are well experienced in dealing with difficult and demanding circumstances that require skill, leadership, sensitivity and clarity to respond in an effective and timely manner. We have been involved in many situations where our expertise in risk assessment and action planning have resulted in substantially improved programs and cost savings.