Courtney's Fairytale

by Courtney

Snow White and the Fair

Once upon a time, when Snow White was young, her mother took her to a fair. Snow White asked her mum, “Please can I get a ice cream?’’ “Ok,”Agreed mum.

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Paragraph 2

When Snow White was done eating her

ice cream, she saw the best book shop a princess has ever seen. Snow White bought 50 books. Her mum bought 2 books.

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paragraph 3

Next Snow White saw baby animals. She picked up a baby chick. But she dropped the chick and she damaged the chick’s wing.

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paragraph 4

The owner was mad so Snow White started to read a book she got from the book shop, but she didn’t know it was a magic book.

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paragraph 5

She opened the book and she found herself at the beach in her bathers. She said, “where am I ?’’ “You’re at the beach,” said a kind cat. The cat was called Charlie, “Lets go and have a swim,’’ said Snow White.

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paragraph 6

After the swim Snow White exclaimed “I must go back to the fair. My mother, the queen will be worried.’’ Before her eyes she was back at the fair.

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The End