Career and Technology Education

Secondary Tier I Priorities

Supporting Core Curriculum with Real World Applicable Skills!

CTE classes are a great way to combine core curriculum and applicable skills needed for the workforce. Below are several programs from BCTAL that showcase real world skills needed for future careers.

  • Each of these programs require students to learn and apply technical vocabulary that is necessary for the profession.
  • Higher-level questioning strategies are used to increase rigor and understanding. In programs where they are available, certifications are embedded into the programs.
  • Teachers implement the Workshop Model of instruction when applicable. Since many of our classes are lab based or hands on, the workshop model or a modified version works well within the framework of our class structures.

At BCTAL, we think hands on is best!

Birdville Career and Technology Education - the Infomercial!

The future of education - TEACH!

Real Math! Construction Technology

Scientific minds unite!

Anatomy and EMT classes

Health Care Professionals



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