K5 Spanish News

February 17th-21st

Important Announcement!

There is NO SCHOOL Monday, February 17th. There are no assignments scheduled, but if you are behind schedule, please use this time to catch up on your Spanish.

Feliz Día de San Valentín

Due to the OLS/LMS outages last week, I have rescheduled our Valentine's ClassConnect for the upcoming week. I hope you will join me to learn some special words and phrases associated with love!

ClassConnect Schedule

Tuesday Feb 18th 11:00AM ET - EL Día de San Valentín

Wednesday Feb 19th 9:30AM ET - EL Día de San Valentín (Repeat from Tuesday)

Wednesday Feb 19th 11:00AM ET - K8 World Language Orientation

Wednesday Feb 19th 8:00PM ET - K8 World Language Orientation

PowerSpeak Tip

Did you know that I leave you feedback on every oral and written assessment in PowerSpeak? Always check writing and speaking quizzes that have been returned to you for my helpful comments! Sometimes, you will be asked to redo an assignment. Make sure you read the feedback before you redo it!

Sra. Lambert

If you need help, have a question, or just want to practice your Spanish, then contact me! I am available on Skype throughout the day, by kmail and by phone.

Skype ID- icademyjlambert

El Enamorado

I told this popular love tale from Argentina last week. If you didn't have a chance to attend the ClassConnect or watch the recording, check out this video. Listen for cognates (words that sound like English words) and words that you already know!