I see, I think, I wonder

Priming strategy

I see, I think, I wonder

Think about the big concept you would like to teach. Choose an impactful photo that has a link to this concept. (Practice yourself by seeing what you think and wonder and if this image will lead you to your purpose). Have students view the image and write or share what they see, think and wonder. It is important to stay in neutral language as the teacher because students can wonder anything. Remember there is no one right answer in priming.

Variations of: I see, I think, I wonder


  • Use the discussion component on schoology so students can see what others are wondering.
  • Set up stations with different written texts in folders and an image on the front of the folder
  • Have students find their own images to represent the concept. Have a gallery walk to visit the photos and have students ask questions / comment on peers' photos.
  • Change to "I hear, i think, I wonder" when priming with a piece of music or audio.
  • Have students share in an inside-outside circle or two lines
  • Encourage a class discussion, students talking to each other and building on what each are wondering. Teacher can do this, but making sure everyone can hear each other, pausing, keeping neutral, and asking, "Who disagrees? Who can add on? What else do you think?"