Squire Wire

Feb 3, 2016

Principal Remarks

It is about time that the SQUIRE WIRE moved from email to the net!! Please enjoy the new format. Click around because there are some links below (Spotlight, Attendance). I am trying to stay caught up with technology. Thank you to Amy Keller and Anna Coyne who have both sent newsletters with Smore. I stole the idea from them!

Thank you all for your feedback after our staff meeting Friday and Monday. I certainly appreciate your ideas. Several people have pointed out that we have kept open restrooms that have less stalls and locked ones with more stalls. We have reviewed these requests and adding C/T hall restrooms downstairs and upstairs. This should alleviate some pressure as now we only have a very few restrooms locked during the day.

Finally, please remember to always be aware of your surroundings. We had a lost backpack left in a restroom one day and the custodian did exactly the correct thing, left it and informed security. We found the owner of the pack with no issues. But whether you are at school, the grocery store, airport, movie theater, anywhere--it is wise to always be aware of your surroundings. It is important that if something looks out of place, you do not handle the item but report it to authorities.

Big Ben debuted last week. One of my favorite moments was when one of our basketball players went to Big Ben and invited him into their circle. It was GREAT! If you want to schedule Big Ben for any of your events, please contact Ben Fraley. Please indicate when and what is needed ("show" or "meet and greet" like at Wayne Winter Games). You will get to see Big Ben at Friday's Pep session!! Let's get peppy! We Are...BD!

Speaking of the Wayne Winter Games--congrats to Tim Pratt, Dennis Howard and Jessica Hobbs! They were on the WINNING team at the Wayne Winter Games. Way to represent BD!!

Have a wonderful week and weekend and thank you for everything you do.

Great News and Reminders

  • Congratulations are in order for the BD Debate Squad for their 10th place sweepstakes finish at state debate this past weekend. The World Debate team placed 6th and 4 Congressional Debaters advanced to semi-finals." Additional info: Congress Debaters Advancing were Nada Issa, Tag Lawalin, Edgar Hernandez, and Ellie Johnson; the 6th place World Debate Team members were: Ruby Flores, Shi Tuck, JD Hunt, Zeke Gonzalez, and Siari Aruja-Salermon

  • Congratulations to our Area31 students for their great performance last weekend. As Ms. Montgomery wrote, "Dear BD Staff, Please join me in congratulating the following students for their outstanding performance this past week-end in the SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills competition. These students will move on to the state level of competition which will take place in April.

    Job Interview:

    Hannah Cozzolino - Plainfield High School

    Ashlynn Ballard - Ben Davis High School

    Shi Tuck - Ben Davis High School

    Job Skills Demonstration A:

    Isaac Keim - Bethesda Christian School - from the Criminal Justice program

    Grant West - Mooresville High School from the Criminal Justice program

    Erick Portillo - Ben Davis High School - from Construction Trades

    Culinary Arts:

    Megan Stoller - Avon High School - 1st Place

    Justen Cottingham - Ben Davis High School - 3rd Place

    Commercial Baking:

    Brooklyn Black - Ben Davis High School- 5th Place

    Restaurant Service:

    Justin Ledbetter- Plainfield High School - 2nd Place

    Sarah Marcus - Ben Davis High School - 3rd Place

  • Please read this great email I received this week! "Dear Ms. Squire,

    I was one of the judges for orchestra students who performed their solos and ensembles at Westlane Middle School last Saturday. It is always a pleasure to go to contest sites where the students' teachers not only have them well prepared and enthusiastic, but also are there to help tune them and deal with any last minute issues. (Not always the case -some teachers just send the students without attending themselves). Your students from Ben Davis were a pleasure to judge and I enjoyed giving compliments as well as suggestions for improvement. I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I. My thanks to your string instructors."

  • Speaking of strings, here is the list of students who made it to the state solo and ensemble competition. Please congratulate them if you should see them!

    Brooke Barnett

    Luis Huerta

    Brian Teckenbrock

    Abeal Dawit

    Noah Pumphrey

    Nicole Thomas

    Jared Carney

    Isaac Beaumont

    Jessica Mitchell

    Julianna Hagen

    Mariah Judy

    Jesse Vargas

    Dorothy Roggero

    Christina Dininger

    Angel Johnson

    Ryan Eggers

BDHS Attendance Updates

Administrators keep notes on this google doc for your reference. Please click on the tabs at the bottom to see notes. Feel free to email administrators with questions! Remember that this is always changing!

Upcoming Home Events

Thursday, Feb 4: Girls' Swimming Sectionals at BD

Friday, Feb 5: Pep Session, Jeans Day for Relay, Choir Cabaret

Saturday, Feb 6: Girls' Swimming at BD, Boys' Basketball (homecoming and Mr./Mrs. Giant)

Wednesday, Feb 10: Straight A celebrations during the day