Team call - quick catch up.

10 June 2020

How to Book Online Temple Spa classes

  1. Build a list of people to reach out to
  2. Warm them up.
  3. Follow up and offer an online Spa-rty. A facial with friends. A pamper party via zoom. A mini spa break at home.


Hey Emily.

Been way to long since we had a catch up. How are you? Not sure if you’ve heard, but I have a new job/hobby!

I teach skincare classes with Temple Spa. Would you and a few friends fancy a free facial? I’d be happy host a pop-up spa for you and your friends online. I send out all the samples you’ll need for a home facial. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll ping you over some free dates?

Hi Sarah

It was great to see you the other day. I noticed you have great skin and obviously look after yourself! Forgot to mention that I have a franchise with Temple Spa – I think you’d love our skincare. Do you fancy a free facial with a few friends? I guide you through a pop-up pamper via zoom using our products. Everything’s free and it’s really easy. What do you think?

Hi Gill,

I know you love to get the girls together round at yours from time to time! You must be missing seeing them all during lockdown. I was just thinking – how about having a ‘Girls Night In’ over Zoom? I’ll post out everything you and your friends will need for a pop up spa with all the face masks and skincare treatments – it will be great fun and it’s free! Do you fancy it?

Hi Grace,

I’m having a Temple Spa treatment night over Zoom /online. Not sure If I’ve mentioned it before – but I’m a lifestyle consultant with the brand. I’d love you to experience a complimentary facial with me – my skin therapy class is 7-9pm on June 13th. Hope you can make it? RSVP as I only have 8 places. But I just knew you had to be one of the lucky 8! You’re going to love it!

Hi Mandy,

I noticed on Facebook you’ve been going through a tough time recently. I just wanted to reach out and offer you some free TLC. With my Temple Spa business, I’m able to offer free relaxing one-to-one consultations over facetime and what’s app - as well as a pop-up spa with friends. If you feel you need some spa time, and would like some sample to try, just let me know? X

Hi Lucy,

So excited to share that I’m now working in skincare and cosmetics with Temple Spa! If you’ve not heard of us before, we’re a brand from Harrods and we also have 108 spas across the world. In my new role, I bring the ‘Harrods’ spa to you. It a fun spa experience at home with friends. And the best bit is it’s free (because we secretly know you’ll fall in love with the products). I have a rare Friday slot (first week in July) if you’re free to enjoy a complimentary treatment with some friends (I’ll post everything to you and your friends)? Can’t wait to hear what you think?

Words not to say:

‘Can you do me a favour?’

‘You don’t have to buy anything.’

‘Will you just have a class for me?’

‘I need you to help me out and have a party.’


  • My friends don’t have any money- starting price is just £3 for our lip treatment – All talk.
  • I’m too busy – the online classes are only 45-mins to an hour. If I could fit in with your busy schedule, would you be interested in a relaxing pamper?
  • I don’t know enough people to invite – how about asking your friends, relatives you’ve not seen for a while, sister, mum? Or I could just do a Facial class privately for you?


1) Have your diary open. A booking is NOT a ‘real’ booking until it’s in there as an agreed date.

2) Use ‘tentative’ or ‘hypothetical’ language…. IF you were going to have a class…

3) What time of day best for you – morning, Sunday afternoon, or evening?

4) Day of the week. Start of the week or end?

5) Offer two dates (closest in diary) and work from there.

6) Let’s pencil it in…..


1) Decide on the days of the week you are setting aside for your Temple Spa classes (use diary or calendar)

2) Create your WDYK list (Who Do you Know).

3) Ratio is 10 contacts per one booking. So if you want 4 new classes. It’s 40 reach outs. Contact at least 10 a week (just takes a few minutes).

4) Follow up with a Personal Connection.

5) Be ready for a booking conversation. Create a ‘30 second commercial’ and perfect your WTS (Words to Say) so you can ‘book on the go’.

Remember: Small tasks completed consistently create BIG results.

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