FHSD Elementary Math/Science Update


Upcoming Events

April 29: Fourth Quarter Math Tests should appear in trackers to run scan sheets

May 4: Fourth Quarter Math Test window begins

May 21: Have all fourth quarter math tests entered in MC

May 21: last student day (early release)

May 22: 1/2 work day for teachers

May 26: 5th grade UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

May 27: 4th grade UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

May 28: 3rd grade UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

May 29: 2nd grade UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

June 2: 1st grade UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

June 3: Kdg UoS Revisions meeting (reps only)

August 3: First day back for teachers

August 11: First day of school 2015-2016

Final Math Benchmarks- Fourth Quarter Assessments

The math benchmarks for fourth quarter are in Mastery Connect and are schedule to drop into trackers tomorrow, April 29. The test window was originally set for

Performance Task Scoring - remainder of year

I wanted to be sure to include a note about performance task scoring. We are still using the old scoring guidelines since not all feedback is in. New scoring guidelines will be implemented next year. The current scoring guides are loaded in Mastery Connect if you are unsure about how to score any required assessments.

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