Carbon is a girl's best friend!

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Element Name: Carbon

Symbol: C

Atomic number: 6

Atomic weight: 12

Group: 14

Period: 2

Color and Classification: Graphite is black, diamond is colorless, and non-metallic


Discovered by: During the ancient times, but not recongnised as an element until later on.

Place of discovery: Unknown

Date discovered: Unknown

Origin of name: Latin word "Carbo" means "charcoal"


Key component of steel

Basis of fuels, coal and oil

Carbon black pigment in the black printing ink, India ink, and laser printer cartridgeds

Rubber in car tires


Key life essential

Included and presented in all organic compounds


Found freely in nature

Soot, coal, charcoal, diamonds, and graphite are forms of carbon

Found in the abundance of in the sun, star, comets, and atmosphere of most planets

Graphite is one of the softest known materials

Diamond is one of the hardest known materials

Microscopic diamonds are found in some meteorites