Tuesday Tech Tips

A little tech goes a long way!

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The Ninja Academy is BACK!

Finally, the Ninja Academy is ready for YOU! With a new look and a change in content, the academy is ready. Are you up to the challenge of becoming a Google Ninja Master?

The Ninja Academy is a little different from last year. The most noticeable difference is that the academy is now housed in Google Classroom. You can access the class by visiting classroom. google.com. Once you access the class, you will see a plus (+) sign in the upper right hand corner. Click the sign and choose to join a class. The class code for the Ninja Academy is 4cop8j. Once you enter the code, you will be enrolled in the class. You will notice that there is a test and video tutorials for the white belt content. The videos are there to help familiarize you with the particular app. Once you are ready to take the test, just click on the link for the Google Form and take the test. There is also a link to the leaderboard. Just like last year, you can take the tests as many times as need be.

Additional content will be rolled out each week.

If you have difficulty accessing Google Classroom, please email Lonny Harper.

Great Math Videos on YouTube!

Here are some options for math videos for you and your students:

  1. WowMath.org contains algebra and calculus videos.
  2. The New Boston has computer science, algebra, geometry, and basic mathematics.
  3. Math Doctor Bob's YouTube shares statistics, Algebra I and II, geometry, calculus, and more.
  4. Patrick JMT offers video tutorials for mostly SAT prep.
  5. Numberphile shares fun number facts.
  6. Bright Storm contains videos covering topics such as Algebra I and II, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, and some ACT/SAT prep.
  7. Ten Marks has units of measurement, decimals, fractions, probability, factoring, area and perimeter.
  8. Math Class with Mr. V shows users how to do basic mathematics, algebra, and geometry.
  9. Yay Math! offers videos on algebra and geometry.