How to Dress For The Job Interview

Formal Career Job Interview

A Guide to Successfully Dress for an Interview

Business Formal is the standard dress code for a job interview! Business Casual is often times too casual for an interview but If in doubt, ask a representative.

Let's start with Business Formal/Professional. This attire is strict and there are many ways to break the codes. However, this guide will provide all of the necessary tips for both men and women to succeed and rock the Professional Interview Attire.

For Women:

· There is a choice between having a Skirt suit or a Pant Suit. Either will work. However, if you decide to go with a Skirt, it has to be at least knee length and you must wear tights.

· All Suits should be in dark color, solid or subtle patterned, and tailored

· Shoes cannot have an open toe. Also keep the heel height to a minimum. There is no need for platforms at a job interview. An ideal height for the heels is 1-2 inches. All Shoes should be dark.

· Avoid large and dangling jewelry. Minimize the amount of jewelry you wear

· Modesty. Avoid Low Cut Shirts

· Lastly Cosmetics, do not overload on makeup, perfume, and hair products. Your makeup should be subtle, your hair needs to be neat, and you should avoid perfumes for the interview.

For Men

· Dark (solid color or conservative pinstripes) suit that is tailored.

· White dress shirt and with a white undershirt underneath and conservative tie. Avoid bow ties, bright colors, and bold patterns.

· Dark, polished shoes and matching sock.

· Hair needs to be well kept and neat.

· Avoid cologne for the interview.

Business Casual is found in many offices today. Even though it is quite popular it is often times too casual for a formal career interview as stated above. You are best off avoiding this attire and sticking strictly with professional/formal attire. If you are considering business casual because you believe it is appropriate for the job you are interviewing for, you need to ask a supervisor or a human resources representative.

Even though the word casual is used, this attire still needs to be professional and appropriate for the work place.

For both Men and Women, Jeans are not acceptable!

For Women

· There is the choice of dress pants, a knee-length skirt, or a dress. Both the skirt and dress need to be at knee-length/appropriate length. Pants should be dark or khaki and casual sundresses should be avoided.

· For tops, Jackets, blouses, cardigans, and/or conservative tops can be worn.

For Men

· Dress Pants are to be worn. They should be dark or khaki.

· For tops, a collared button up shirt with a white undershirt underneath, a collared knit polo shirt, and jackets will work.

· Leather shoes are a must and avoid sneakers and flip flops.