Healthy Dessert

to be a healthy pastry chef and creat more healthy dessert

Too much sweet, no more healthy

Depond on the tranditional pastry recipes, most of my classmate or my Chef are over weight. Of cause, it is because most of our desserts have too much suger and also too much fat. It's the time to change it. whatever you are a Chef or a custormer, it's better to change our dessert world.More healthy, more happiness.

Welcome to the healthy pastry world.

White House Top Chef State Dinner for Healthy Eating

How to make a healthy pastry recipe

It's much easier than you see. Just remmember three point: more natural, more fruit and less fat. Nowadays, everyone in restaurant not only chase the flavour, but also fucos on it healthy or not. Make a healthy recipe, not onle can help you and your customers' healthy, but also can help your business.




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