November 30-December 4

Week B

Science Kits will be picked up next week. Please have ready for Roger and/or Jeff to put out front by Friday (Dec 4).

We will not have a faculty meeting or data day in December. School Improvement will meet on Dec. 9

Brain Rules by John Medina

Brain Rule #4: We don't pay attention to boring things.

  • The brain is not capable of multi-tasking. We can talk and breathe, but when it comes to higher level tasks, we just can't do it.
  • The 10 minute attention span- You must do something emotionally relevant at each 10 minute mark to regain attention.
  • We are better at seeing patterns and abstracting the meaning of an event than we are at recording detail
  • Emotional arousal helps the brain learn.

Classroom Implications-

  • Students use prior experiences to predict whether they should pay attention
  • Use novel stimuli, be usual, unpredictable, or distinctive - to get the kid's attention
  • Tap into the student's emotions to get their attentions
  • Remember the 10 minute rule when designing mini lessons

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