Term 1 Extra-Curricular Activities

Staying fit & zen!

Swim like a Fish (Swimming ECA)

This term, students in Grade 2 to Grade 6 can take systematic swimming lessons with our professional swim coach. Students will be accompanied to the Clementi Swimming Complex by their ECA teachers via the Clementi Trolley. Once there, students will engage in a swim lesson, which will be between 30-40 minutes in duration. The coach will teach students to submerge under and to float above water confidently, and to learn different swim strokes.

Requirement: Written parental permission for students to participate.

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Frog & Star Poses (Yoga ECA)

Our Yoga lessons are used as a platform to introduce our students to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. The physical areas Yoga will emphasise include flexibility, strength, stamina, self-discipline, concentration and coordination. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination to gain anatomical knowledge as they imitate 'asanas' or poses after flora and fauna.

Mentally, students learn to cultivate basic techniques for relaxation, visualization, stress management and to improve overall well-being.

Requirement: One yoga matt per student.

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