Werner's Weekly News

We're Learning

Happy New Year! Last week we got back in the swing of things by reviewing procedures, counting money, telling time, magic e, and digraphs. We also started learning about vowel teams (ea, ay, ee, etc.). I explained vowel teams to the class using some classic superheroes...Batman and Robin! In a vowel team the first vowel is Batman and the second vowel is his sidekick Robin. The second vowel (Robin) is there to offer Batman support and give him the extra strength he needs to make the strong, long vowel sound rather than a weak, short sound. If you ever hear your child mention Batman and Robin in a word they are referring to a vowel team. :) We will continue reviewing vowel teams this week. We will also work on adding endings to words like s, es, ing, and ed and finding the root word.

We will be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. for social studies this week in preparation for the holiday next week.

In math we will be working on measurement and introducing place value with base ten blocks.

During writing we will be working on writing non-fiction books that allow the class to be teachers through their writing.


I will be switching up the homework menu slightly for the 2nd semester. Rather than posting the Home Links practice pages in newsletters they will now be listed on the homework menu. Sometimes I will make the Home Links pages a "must do" activity and sometimes they will be available as a choice. From now on please send in your child's completed Home Links pages with their homework menu. I want the class to begin preparing for the 2nd grade expectations for completing and turning in Home Links pages. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Snow Gear

Please remember to send your child with snow pants, snow boots (waterproof), gloves/mittens, hat, and warm coat for recess when there is snow on the ground. Students will have to stay on the black top if they do not have proper snow attire.