Helicopter Hat

"Fly Towards Your Dreams"


1903, the Wright brothers invent the plane, 1928, Arthur M Young invents the helicopter, 1931, Lieutenant Jean Baptiste Marie Meusnier, invents the blimp, now in 2013, 2 of the smartest guys in the world invent the newest, coolest way of traveling, the helicopter hat!!!!!
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Modified from the basic propeller hat (in the picture below) now made for traveling! Originated from Ray Nelson's toy propeller hat
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4 wings, 4ft long, modified to have a smaller engine (75 HP), runs on biodiesel, and has solar panels that gives the hat power for lots and lots of hours for as long as its sunny! Biodiesel is suggested to use only if its cloudy outside.

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How it helps the community

Have you ever been stuck in traffic?  Have you ever wanted another way to go?  Well now you can with the brand new helicopter hat!!!!!  It's environment safe and a good way to get to your destination quickly. 


Back in 1983 we gave the makers of "inspector gadget" the idea of a helicopter hat, then 30 years later we have invented the helicopter for all of humanity to use!!!


Make sure the wings are at a complete stop before using.  Safely buckle the head strap and secure tightly.  When in flying hold on to handle bars firmly.  Before taking off make sure the blades have come at a complete stop.
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Helihat co is not responsible for any injuries, scrapes, and deaths.  Helihat co informed buyer of safety rules, therefore you can not sue.  No refunds!!!