OHS Band at California Adventure

January 23rd, 2016

Our special day is coming soon!

Here is our AGENDA

  • Load Truck ... Friday night 5:00pm
  • Call Time ... Saturday morning 8:00am
  • Load bus at 8:15. Leave 8:30
  • Arrive ... about 10:30am.
  • Free Time ... 10:30-3:00pm
  • Meet ... 3:15pm to the left of Tower of Terror
  • Change, take picture, lineup and warm-up 3:45-4:45
  • Step off ... 5:05pm at Tower of Terror. March all the way to Paradise Pier
  • 5:30-6:30 ... continue backstage back around to change, load equipment, and prepare to re-enter the park
  • Free Time ... 6:30-ish to 10:00pm
  • Meet at bus ... 10:15. Take roll on buses
  • Leave Disney parking ... 10:30
  • Arrive Home ... 12:30 (time is approximate)

Performance Time!

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 5pm

1313 Disneyland Drive

Anaheim, CA

We'll march from Tower of Terror toward the front of the park, and then turn down the main route to the back of the park. We end through the gates that are at Paradise Pier, near the Silly Symphony Swings.

Important information

  • Performers ... Uniforms will need to be in a garment bag. We have several, but any student who has their own may wish to use it. That will allow ours to be available to those who don't have one.
  • Performers/Chaperons ... Buses will NOT be available at all during the day. You must either take everything you need in with you, or it must be loaded in your garment bag with your uniform
  • Performers/Families ... there are lockers for rent if you need to keep things for later (like a jacket for when it gets cold). Performers will be able to load their jacket with their uniform on the truck if they wish and take it with them after the performance.
  • Chaperons ... All chaperons and directors given complimentary tickets are asked to ride the bus or truck, be available through phone to students during the day, and go back stage with the band to help them prepare. You will be then escorted back into the park to see the performance. After the performance, you'll be brought back again to help us load back up.
  • Performers/Parents ... ANY performer riding one direction, or BOTH directions with their family, must print out and sign this form to send into school this week.