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Brazil's History

In this paragraph Brazil’s history will be showed in chronological order. Brazil’s history began in the 1500’s. Pedro Alvares claimed the land for Portugal. Pedro Alvares was born in 1467/68 and died in 1520. Pedro Alvares discovered Brazil in 1522 to be exact. He had called this voyage “Circle around Brazil.” About three hundred years later Napoléon captured Spain and Portugal and released from the European control. He captured Spain and Portugal in 1808. The military of Europe fought back and Brazil went under command of the two armies back and forth for many years. In the end, Napoléon ended up losing the in the end.

In 1822 Brazil declared independence as its own country. Brazil as a country has no states or providences in it. Brazil is one of 15 countries/dependencies. In nearer times Brazil has reinforced their presidential laws as a country and reduced the amount of power they have. This bill passed in 1985. In the past years in the 1900’s the country has held the past couple of tournaments for the soccer world cup.

Brazil's Economy and Current Events

Brazil's Economy is the largest economy in South America and one of the largest economies in the world. Income distribution is highly unequal and poverty affects roughly 25% of the total population. The industrial sector exports automobiles and parts, textiles, minerals, and metals. Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee, oranges, and bananas. The country must import a quarter of the 2.46 million barrels of oil uses daily. Brazil's natural gas is also imported. Brazil is a member of Mexico's regional free-trade that includes Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Brazil’s current events are they are holding the 2016 Summer Olympics Games. They are also holding the 2014 World Cup. They like to party and In a nightclub fireworks killed 240 people. In 2008 the government arrested drug gangs for preparation in 2014 World Cup and 2016.

10 Places To Visit

1. Cristo Redentor- the most famous statue in Brazil.

2. Iguza Falls- the best known falls in Brazil

3. Fernando de Noronha- has the prettiest coral reif in Brazil claif tourists

4. Amazon National Park and River- longest river in western hemisphere

5. The Capital; Brasilia- the biggest city in Brazil

6. Copacabana beach- biggest beach in Brazil

7. Sugarloaf mountain- tallest mountain in Brazil

8. Tijuca forest- most beautiful forest in Brazil claim the tourists

9. Estadio do Matacana (soccer field)- where the world cup has been held for soccer

10.Sao Paulo Museum of Art- most famous museum in Brazil

Survival List

1. Sunscreen to protect your skin so you don't get sun burnt.

2. Gym Shoes & Flip Flops for hiking and to go to the pool.

3. Tank Top to get a nice tan

4. Rain coat in case it rains

5. Hat for the hot climate and sun

6. Money to buy neat souvenirs

7. Camera to take cool pictures of the scenery

8. Machete to cut leaves and plants in a journey through the forest

9. Blanket for cold nights

10. Sunglasses to keep the bright sun rays out of your eyes.