Fever 1793

By:Laurie Halse Anderson

English 7th grade/ Skylar Frole

This book is about a girl named Matti Cook. She is 14 years old that is still growing. She actually bumps her head on wall when waking up from bed because she grew over night. Matti is just like me in the beginning of the story. Her mother drives her crazy to get up early and do her chores but Matti would rather sleep. Matti's mom irritates her a lot by saying she did a lot more stuff at her age then Matti does.

Matti's mom owns a coffee house in Philadelphia that Matti helps at. Matti lives with her mom, grandfather. Matti is close to a lady named Eliza, who is a cook at he coffee house and she likes a boy named Nathaniel.

The beginning of the book Matti's mom tells Matti that a girl Polly (who is the same age as Matti) has died because of some fever that is going around town. Matti then gets so scared that her family and friends are all going to get the fever and they all do get the fever.They go through a lot of tough times. Matti's mom gets sick and they take her away, Matti and her grandfather get away from the town and try to get to a farm but on the way there they both get the fever and get stuck in a hospital that saves them.

The whole town gets the fever and lots of people die. But her family and friends survive though the sickness. But after surviving the fever her grandfather dies because of an heart attack due to intruders attacking the coffee house. Matti learns a lot during her sickness and the people around her sickness.

The final thing that happens is the frost kills all sickness around the town and things start to get back to normal. Matti totally changes at the end of the book. She has matured and is more responsible.Probably because she has learned a lot of things during all her hard times. You see this because she is the first to get up in the house and do her chores, even before her mother wakes up.

I really loved this book, i would recommend this book because i feel that people my age would like it because Matti is close to our age and we relate to a lot of her feelings, like the one she has about how her mother is always bugging her to get up and stop being lazy.