Welcome to Unit Ten!

Growing as a Writer

Thanks for your hard work in Unit 9. Completing an Assignment in just one week can be very challenging but you rose to the occasion and demonstrated that you can indeed do it. I will have all Unit 9 grades completed no later than Sunday and will post an announcement when grades are available for review.

Unit Ten Overview

Unit 10 is our last unit for the course and what an amazing 10 weeks it has been. You have developed an impressive list of skills that you will be applying in all your courses here at Kaplan. You will always be expected to demonstrate your knowledge through writing, whether through the Discussion Board or course projects, so what you have learned in this course about academic writing will help you to succeed in all the courses you take after CM107.

You also learned how to write for personal and professional audiences, building your ability to adapt your language and information to the audience you are addressing. This will certainly be of value to you in all realms of your personal and professional lives in the future. Whether you are writing a Facebook post or a report for work, if you apply the skills you learned in this course, you will have less writing stress and more writing success, no matter the situation.

This week, you will reflect on your progress as a writer and evaluate how far you have come in your quest for writing improvement and excellence. This self-evaluation will help you to also identify any areas you still need to work on for continued improvement. Writing is a life-long process, one that involves constant self-reflection and requires that no matter how much practice and knowledge we have, we still have room for development and improvement and this week's Discussion Board will help you to start that process.

Please do note that we do not have a seminar in Unit 10, but you do need to participate in this unit's activities, as they are graded.

Unit Ten Assignments

  1. Complete the Learning Activities.
  2. Complete the quiz and remember, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to (but the quiz must be completed during unit. It cannot be made up.
  3. Participate in the Discussion Board.
    • Post your main post -- try to post early in the week.
    • Respond to three or more classmates to exceed expectations.
    • Make sure to review the sample discussion board post located in the actual discussion board.

Late Policy Reminder

Please be in touch.

Let's make it a great week!

Have a great final week in the course, everyone. I have enjoyed working with you and watching you grow and improve not only your writing skills but also your confidence in your abilities. And I wish you only success, kindness, and a wonderful journey in front of you.

Be sure to email me at lteitler@kaplan.edu or send a text message to 754.223.9621 with your questions.

Be more than well,