SDDS August News

Getting Ready for Fall!

School Health and Safety

A week ago we sent out an anonymous survey to all families who wanted to volunteer information about their family’s COVID 19 vaccination status. Over 2/3 of our families responded and 100% of surveys we received said that all members of their family who were eligible for a vaccine were fully vaccinated. 75% of these families let us know that if vaccine became available for children under the age of 12, they would pursue this right away. This is great information as it reiterates how committed we are as a community to ensuring the health and safely of all of our students and families during this pandemic.

We also wanted to provide everyone an update on how our safety procedures during COVID 19 may or may not have changed as we have entered stage 5 in the Austin area.. Attached are two documents that are very helpful to us as we look to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. The first document is the APH guidance for childcare centers and the second is a quarantine flow chart so that families / teachers can know expectations for quarantining or isolating if there is a possible exposure. Following is a summary of our procedures and protocols we are using here at school.

Drop off / Pick Up

We have very much enjoyed allowing families back onto the dayschool floor for drop off and pick up. We’d like to keep this change in place and are still able to do so because families dropping off have temperatures taken, fill out the health checks when signing their students in each morning and wear masks when on the dayschool floor. Please keep drop off and pick up brief and whenever possible, drop off or pick up at the door to the classroom. If you’d prefer for us to meet you in the lobby for drop off or pick up, just message us through Brightwheel and let us know. We know many of you still have infants or other children in the car and we want to make sure we can continue to accommodate this as well.

Cleaning / Sanitation

Children are continuing to wash hands during regular intervals throughout their day and between activities. Our high touch surfaces such as door knobs, sink faucets and toilet handles are disinfected multiple times throughout the day.

Quarantine and Isolation for Staff and Students Exposed to COVID 19

Attached is a flow chart showing our most recent guidance on when to isolate or quarantine. If a child or staff member tests positive, this is the time when any unmasked classes or groups of children would need to quarantine. If a staff member or child is exposed to someone outside of the school setting, then we are following protocols for isolation / quarantining for that particular child, not the entire class.

Our decision to require masks for student’s ages 2 and up will alleviate the burden of needing to close an entire class of students.. Please know that we are working hard to ensure the health and safety of all of our students, staff and families and also want to reduce the burden and inconvenience of possible closures. If you have any additional questions regarding school protocols and procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Also know that should this guidance change in a way that impacts our community, I will reach back out to keep everyone informed.

Refunds Issued for School Closures

You may have noticed that either upon receipt of your August invoice or for the pre-K, kinder and camp families who were quarantined due to a exposure to COVID 19, the school has provided refunds for these school closures. Ones and Twos classrooms were also credited for any dates missed due to required quarantines.

In addition, because Camp St David was scheduled for two weeks in August, we had already decided to bill school families 75% of their regular tuition to help offset the cost of camps. If you have questions about your August statement, please reach out to to Leigh Moss at

Back to School Updates

During the next two weeks when school is not in session, we will be very busy getting ready to start our Fall session on Aug 30.

What to expect:

Next week, all new and retuning families will receive their class information and teacher bios as well as information about how to sign up for an upcoming Meet the Teacher event.

During the week of Aug 23-27, the SDDS staff will be participating in a week-long professional development focusing on developmental assessments and aligning classroom and student goals with the outcomes from these assessments. Our goal is to really work together between home and school to make sure your children are learning and growing all the time through their play and all school activities.

Teachers will also be preparing and sending out classroom guides with daily schedules, teacher bios, classroom wish lists, student learning goals for the year and anticipated classroom celebrations and events.