The Ender Pig

By: Austin, Parker, Sam, And Faith

What is an Ender Pig?

If you have ever played Minecraft, You should know what an Enderman is. (I hope you all know what a pig is). Well now we have mixed the two and made an Ender Pig!

Ender Pigs Can Only Be Obtained In The End.

Are they hostile or friendly?

When you look at an enderman, the enderman may get mad. if you look at a pig, nothing will happen. if you hit and Ender Pig, then it becomes mad, but wont attack until you look at it after you hit it.

Can you tame an Ender Pig?

Yes and no. ender pigs tame like wolves. if you hit it you can't tame it. But, if you have the new ENDER CARROTS (crafted with and ender eye and a carrot) you can tame one and it will help you in combat by healing you and fighting with you.

What is a good way to kill an Ender Pig?

when you want to kill an Ender Pig, You may want to Hit it with a sword. the ender pig has an incredible A.I. and can teleport strait to you if you shoot it with a bow. it would kill you in 3 shots if you had diamond Armour so you need to have good fighting skills!

What do you get when you kill an Ender Pig?

when you kill an Ender Pig, It will drop 1-2 pork and 0-1 ender pearls

When You See An Adult...

Adults can have surface area of 5,986 cm squared with legs that each have a surface area of 660 cm squared a body of 2,484 cm squared a nose of 134 cm squared and a head of 828 cm squared.


The can't teleport threw obsidian
It's really slow in water


It's really strong

It can teleport

it can swim in lava 2 times the speed Steve can swim in water with no damage

Heals you during fight if tamed

What are the ender pigs habits?

Ender pigs have an unusual taste for pumpkins. it may be because they know you hide in them to get away from enderman. Also, Enderpigs like ender carrots and ender potataoes.