Global Network

5th November, 2013



1. You can find information quickly;
2. You can show your creativity;
3. You can make new friends all around the world.


1. You can become addicted to internet;
2. It is bad for your health;
3. It is expensive.

Mobile phones

How did we get it?

I got my phone like a present for my birthday one year ago from my parents.
My dad just wanted a new phone and bought it for himself and the phone, which he used earlier my father gave it to my mother.

How much did it cost?

My phone cost about 700 litas, my father's - 500 litas and my mother's - 400 litas.

What plan do we use?

I use plan "Labas", while my parents use plan called "Omnitel"

How much do we pay for month?

I usually pay 5 litas and my parents pay 25 litas per month .

What is the use of mobile phone for us?

We use mobile phones for playing games, browsing on the internet, texting messages, calling friends, family and so on...