Acts of Kindess

Acts That Can make You a Better Person!

3 Acts of Kindness

Homeless & Alone

Many homeless people in america have nowhere to go, no money, and no family at all. They sit alone, they stand alone, and they are alone. Just donate to a homeless guy when you see one, and you can change who he is, what he has. You could make one mans day with just a few dollars.

Environmental Kindness

Have you ever walked through the street and saw trash and litter laying around on the street? When you think of kindness, do you think of kindness for the environment? Its good to be kind to people, but you need to be kind to the environment too. Many scientist and environmentalists say that you must be kind and help your environment stay in good shape. Many famous people believe in helping the environment is important like, Chris Brown, shown in the picture.

Nursing Homes

There are 16,100 nursing homes across America, with a total of over 1.7 million beds! 86% of those beds are being used right now! Most of the people in the homes are very lonely and would love some company. You could take the step of going to a nursery home and playing games with your local elders. Many elders would appreciate it, and you would be doing something nice for your community, your local elders, and the nursing homes near you. So go out and help elders have a better life!