Picky Eaters Buying Club

Where everyone can afford to be picky about what to eat!

Place your order online & conveniently pick up your monthly orders at Cafe Campesino!

Picky Eaters Buying Club is a cooperative, collaborative online-grocery shopping experience. Through multiple vendors we offer full-scale grocery choices, organic produce, and local meat/produce each month. Picky Eaters members enjoy exclusive discounts & first-choice of fresh foods.

The Buying Club has 12 deliveries a year - "surplus" is available to the public

Remaining 2013 Market Days - May 21 * June 18 * July 16 * Aug 13 * Sept 10 * Oct 8 * Nov 5 * Dec 3

Basic membership: $40/yr; Supporter; $100/yr (includes 12-month membership to Georgia Organics, additional 5% discount on UNFI & 10% on Wildtree purchases)

Picky Eaters are WELCOME!

Why are we Picky Eaters? We care deeply about where our food comes from, what's in it and what's NOT in it! We support our local businesses, farmers and each other.