Digital Citizenship

How can we be Safe, Respectful and Responsible online?

What were the three “good choices” that Arms helped Guts make in the video?

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Create Your Own Digital Superhero!

What kind of superpowers would my digital citizen superhero use to help others act safely, responsibly, and respectfully online?

What is special about the way my superhero acts and thinks?

What kind of special costume would my superhero wear to help him or her do the job?

Read the scenarios below.

1. Which person acts like a good digital citizen?

a) Kwame gets an email from a person he doesn’t know that says he won a prize. He immediately deletes the email and doesn’t reply.

b) Sara makes a peanut butter sandwich for her little sister.

c) Willie and Juan are in a fight. They keep posting mean comments about one another online.

2. What would a good digital citizen do in the following situation?

Nick sees that his classmate left her email account open on a school computer by mistake. Nick decides to _____________________________________________________.

a) send an email from her account to a friend

b) log out of her email and let her know that he closed it for her

c) not do anything and let someone else deal with it

Exit Ticket

What is one way that you can act responsibly online? ________________________________________________________