Earth Day 2012

A Campus Celebration, April 19, 2012

Join the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College...

Schedule of Events

Wetlands Work Party & Tours
  • Volunteers will be planting native vegetation in the campus wetlands at 10am. Tools and gloves are provided. Booths available upon request. Tours of the wetlands will be conducted at 12pm and 2pm. Join us at the large glacial boulder (see map). Bring your own water.

Presentations at Mobius
  • 10am - E-Waste in the 21st Century: The Ugly Truth
  • 11am- Modern Day Agriculture in Japan
  • 11:30am- Whale Conservation Presentation
  • 12pm- Lunch and a movie ("With Nature in Mind: Organic Gardening"
  • 1pm- Address by CCC President Eric Murray
  • 1:30pm- The Friends of Northcreek Forrest
  • 2pm- Movie- "An Inconvenient Truth"

Planting of the "W"


  • Plant a flower in the W and bury your Earth Day contribution on a biodegradable piece of paper.

Goats! Goats! Goats!


  • Tammy Dunakin, Chief Goat Wranger, of Vashon Island-based Rent-A-Ruminant is providing grazing goats. They will be available to pet while they much away (see map)

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Show
  • Various hybrid and electric vehicles will be on display near the Commons including the Chevrolet S-10 electric vehicle.

Seedling Give-Away & Pledge


  • Participants are invited to embrace the spirit of the celebration by pledging to make sustainable and environmental friendly changes in their life. They will receive a seedling to plant and add their name to the pledge.

Recycling Event


  • A day's worth of garbage from across the campus will be piled up to show the amount of waste we contribute to landfills each day. Sabrina Combs (City of Bothell) and Tyson Kemper (UWB/CCC Lead Gardener) will discuss what can be recycled while volunteers sort through the pile.

Organizations & Earth Day Info


  • Various community organizations and student clubs will have booths set up around the campus. There will also be an Earth Day information booth.

Energy Dashboard Display


  • A new utility dashboard that tracks energy use on campus in real-time.

Movie: " The 11th Hour"


  • A documentary film, created, produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, on the state of the natural environment. Refreshments will be provided during the movie.

Event Contact Information

Darryl Nevels
Sustainability Organization President

Additional Information

Attending Community Partners:
City of Bothell Recycling & Public Services, Bothell Cool Program, Surface Water Program for the City of Bothell, Friends of the Northcreek Forrest, Friends of the Cedar River Watershed, Village Volunteers, Piper's Creek Nursery and many more...

Contributing Student Organizations:
Sustainability Organization at UWB, CCC Campus Activities Board, UWB Campus Events Board, ASUWB and UWB Student Life

Special Thanks to:
UWB/CCC Facilities, UWB/CCC Student Life, UWB Alumni Council and all the members of the Sustainability Organization