How our Constitution

Guards against Tyranny


According to document A, the national and state governments will check each other's power and the branches of government within each level will provide checks on each other. Federal prevents national government and state government from complete power over the people and the nation.
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Separation of Powers

According to document B, james Madison said that lawmakers have to be separate people or else one person will get to many people. That is what separation of powers does it prevents one person or a group of people from doing whatever they want.
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Checks and Balances

According to document C, the president chose the members of the Supreme Court. But the Supreme Court can be decided that it is unconstitutional. Checks and balances allow a branch of government to limit the power of the big states.
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Big States vs. Small States

According to document D, they did the 3/5 compromise so that all the states with a lot of slaves wouldn't dominate the small states.
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