Guide To Stoich

By Perry Le


Stoich Steps

Step1.write a balanced equation

Step2write the given mass on a factor label form

Step3convert mass of reactant to moles of reactant

Step4convert moles of reactant to moles of product

Step5convert moles of product to grams of product

Step6solve the math

Birthday Example

The example is sodium+water--->sodium hydroxide+hydrogen and the balanced equation it will be 2Na+2H2O--->2NaOH+H2

Next we must convert the mass of the reactant into moles.

So If we had 10.18g of sodium then we would have 0.439moles.

Next you will use 2 moles of sodium to make 1 mole of hydrogen by dividing 0.439 by 2 and what you get is 0.219moles of hydrogen.

Now you will have to covert the hydrogen moles into grams.

First to you will multiply 0.219 molesX two moles of hydrogen to get 0.438 of hydrogen.