Paul Nung, Katie Walker, Rajit Ghai

Pan-African Nationalism and OAU

How can you join the cause? Support the Organization of African Unity! We stand to help maintain peace and to united our once-divided country! If we stand together under one black race, the artificial boundaries put in place by the vermin outsiders will not matter to us! We are divided but united, my friends!
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Nigritude and Independence

Join the cause of Negritude! Go back to your roots and be proud to be black! Why should the white man tell us how we should run our lives? We have brains and common sense too. Join the cause! Our leader Kwame Nkrumah is here to help and support you. He lead Ghana to independence, he can lead our whole continent to independence!

Which one looks better to you?

Join Us Brothers and Sisters!

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The Organization of African Unity-- AFRICAN STORY