Laurie's Coaching Corner

November 10, 2014


Some things to remember when planning using mentor lessons...
1. They are JUST mentors (you can adjust as needed, use a mentor text that you want, etc.)
2. Lessons are also written to promote the "mini" in the minilesson. Please keep in mind the difference between a read aloud and a mentor texts.

Kinder: There is a new KINDER lesson for cluster 3 (mentor lesson 3.1) loaded. The cluster planner cites two lessons 3.1 & 3.2. These lesons were the same lesson, which we unloaded and rewrote one related to theme using a literary text.

Fourth Grade: This is a very helpful presentation about writing STAAR. It says which day (Day 1, Day 2) each genre will be tested in writing.

Grades 3-5, see below for simulation windows for reading and/or writing:

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Math News

All Math Teachers:

Per math department: please feel free to move ahead on NUMBER TALKS if the ones that are in the lessons are too easy.

If you are sharing formative assessments with other campuses, make sure that the ones that you are receiving meet the needs of your students. The best formative assessments are designed by YOU for YOUR students. After all, you know your students best!

K-2: Lone STAAR PS content will be grouped by cluster.
PLEASE let me know if I can help provide additional support using this resource. Ideally, you will start phasing in the resource this cluster so that full implementation will be easier for you in January.

4th and 5th Grade: Please rescan any CBAs that were scanned as incomplete after the students have had the extra time to complete the CBA. SO all CBA data will be of all completed CBAs (even those that were given extra time).

5th grade
: The following changes were made to CBA 2: graphic on #11 and added more detail to the answer key for #1.
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