Andrews Elementary

Andrews Awards - Fall 2015

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Dear Andrews Family,

We are so impressed with everything that our Andrews students have accomplished during the first semester through their hard work and dedication! Before leaving for winter break, I want to take an opportunity to recognize and honor all of our students who have won a PISD contest or competition at the campus/district/state level during this first semester. Winners from the Fire Prevention Poster Contest, History Fair, Reflections and Spelling Bee are included.

We are very proud of the wonderful projects and performances that have been submitted by our Andrews students and want to extend our congratulations to all of the students listed below. These students have either been recognized already via announcements here at school, at the 1st Nine Weeks Assembly in October, or will be honored at our 2nd school-wide assembly on Friday morning, December 18, 2015.

Joy Lovell, Principal

Andrews Elementary

Fire Prevention Poster Contest

Grand Prize Winners

Kindergarten Division - Tate Hongkeo

Primary Division (1st/2nd) - Eliza Nguyen

Intermediate Division (3rd/4th) - Varuni Kumar

Middle Division (5th) - Amal Gunde

Contest Winners


1st - Tate Hongkeo

2nd - Juliette Nguyen

3rd - Siddhi Seth

Honorable Mention - Bhavya Kankran

First Grade:

1st - Mary Kate Mitchell

2nd - Jasmin Jeong

3rd - Alshara Kunta

Honorable Mention - Ryan Lee & Nitya Verma

Second Grade:

1st - Eliza Nguyen

2nd - Sanjitha Bandi

3rd - Ashwin Gupta

Honorable Mention - Sanjana Viswaprabakran & Parul Kabre

Third Grade:

1st - Varuni Kumar

2nd - Anushka Gupta

3rd - Ananya Sheshadri

Honorable Mention - Afnan Hasan & Samreen Kaur

Fourth Grade:

1st - Zubair Hussain

2nd - Parishi Parekh

3rd - Katherine Janise

Honorable Mention - Suresh Bhavsar

Fifth Grade:

1st - Amal Gunde

2nd - Vedha Vaddaraju

3rd - Rishika Nandigam

Honorable Mention - Jason Jeong & Varsha Yeddula

History Fair

Contest Winners

Individual Display

1st Place: 5th Grade - Nguyen Luong

2nd Place: 4th Grade - Zubair Hussain

3rd Place: 5th Grade - Yash Kukrecha

Honorable Mention: 5th Grade - Anjani Tiwari

3rd Grade - Alex Chen

Individual Media

1st Place: 4th Grade - Rohan Ralli

2nd Place: 4th Grade - Harini Rajmohan

5th Grade - Shrey Bahl

3rd Place: 3rd Grade - Dhwani Karthik

Honorable Mention: 5th Grade - Rishab Maheshwari

Group Display

1st Place: 5th Grade - Emma Svensson & Annalise Smith

2nd Place: 5th Grade - Sreeja Kanduri & Shritha Gayathri

Honorable Mention: 5th Grade - Ruhika Patra & Ava Brezovsky

Group Media

1st Place: 3rd Grade - Khushi Bhalani & Anushka Gupta

PTA Reflections Contest

Contest Winners at School Level

The Andrews PTA Reflections entries have all been judged. This year we had 89 entries. 21 of those entries received an Award of Excellence and advanced to the council level.

Primary Winners:


  • Juliette Nguyen, visual arts
  • Shyam Mehrotra, visual arts

First Grade
  • Mary Kate Mitchell, literature
  • Dhwani Nathan, visual arts

Second grade

  • Om Mehrotra, film production
  • Eliza Nguyen, dance choreography
  • Mikayla Yang, dance choreography
  • Cole Hongkeo, musical composition

Intermediate Winners:

Third grade

  • Nathanael Tang, musical composition & visual arts
  • Aiden Mitchell, literature
  • Rayna Li, visual arts
  • Anushka Gupta, visual arts

Fourth grade

  • Krish Patel, film production
  • Rohan Ralli, photography
  • Krish Patel, literature
  • Allison Zhang, visual arts

Fifth grade

  • Anika Damle, photography
  • Isabella Nielsen, photography
  • Vedha Vaddaraju, literature
  • Jennifer (Jiwon) Han, visual arts

Contest Winners at Council Level

Primary Winners:

  • Om Mehrotra, Award of Excellence
  • Eliza Nguyen, Award of Merit
  • Mikayla Yang, Award of Excellence
  • Cole Hongkeo, Award of Merit
  • Mary Kate Mitchell, Award of Merit
  • Dhwani Nathan, Honorable Mention

Intermediate Winners:

  • Krish Patel, Award of Excellence
  • Rohan Ralli, Award of Excellence
  • Anika Damle, Overall Award of Excellence
  • Isabella Nielsen, Honorable Mention
  • Nathanael Tang, Honorable Mention
  • Vedha Vaddaraju, Award of Merit
  • Krish Patel, Award of Merit
  • Aiden Mitchell, Award of Excellence
  • Rayna Li, Award of Merit
  • Jennifer (Jiwon) Han, Award of Excellence
  • Nathanael Tang, Award of Excellence
  • Allison Zhang, Honorable Mention
  • Anushka Gupta, Overall Award of Excellence

Advancing to State for Judging
  • Anika Damle's photography entry - Shadows in the Night
  • Anushka Gupta's visual art entry - Stepping into the World of Imagination

Spelling Bee


Winner - Nguyen Luong

Runner Up - Pranathi Beeram