the daily fire

fire at church with kids inside

fire at church!!

Today they'r was a fire at a church. They'r were some kids having a picnic when fire burst out of a church. There were some kids inside the church but fortunately two teenagers went inside the burning church and got the kids out safely. The teenager that went inside the church to save the kids had to go to the hospital. But the doctors have said that he will be fine.
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How did the fire start?

We still don't know how the fire started. Their is a team their that is investigating but unfortunately they haven't found anything. Al dough some sources say that it may have had started because of cigarette that was in the building. They don't know who was at the building smoking or how the cigarette got their but they are looking for clues to how the fire started. It has been a struggle to find any clues but they are not giving up on finding how the fire started. Make sure to tune back later for the latest details in this story.
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