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Newsletter for January 2020

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Dear Thalberg Families,

The year 2020 has begun and we are ready to do great things in this decade. We will continue our hard work and community efforts and I look forward to our new challenges.

December was filled with exciting events including the fifth grade students’ performance at their annual winter concerts. They came together and sang a host of wonderful songs. Ms. Baer and Mrs. Ferrall did an outstanding job leading our singers. Mrs. Diaz led our advanced band and orchestra in some impressive performances as well. She even managed to do this before welcoming her new baby!

The holiday bazaar was an amazing event due to the efforts of our volunteers. I am so impressed by the number of people who took time during the busy holiday season to come in to help students. We also enjoyed some hot chocolate and the reading of the Polar Express! Our volunteers were supporting our shoppers, wrapping gifts and preparing hot chocolate for everyone. Thalberg is lucky to have you all!

In December, the students, families and Thalberg staff came together to give back to the community. We collected toys for children who are hospitalized, we collected calendars for Veterans and we collected warm hats, gloves and scarves to donate to Southington Community Services. On top of all that, we also raised money for CCMC! Way to go Thalberg!

As we move into January, we will look for additional ways to give back to the community and we welcome more opportunities to learn and grow. I am wishing all of you a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

With gratitude,

Katie Reeves


Birthdays for January 2020

January 4.......Kathleen S.

January 5.......Owen A.

January 5.......Gavin O.

January 6.......Matthew S.

January 10.....Grant R.

January 11.....Connor C.

January 11.....Jack W.

January 13......Haley C.

January 15......Diana A.

January 16......Tatum F.

January 16.....Jameson F.

January 16......Andrew K.

January 17......Kailey M.

January 19......Jacob A.

January 19......Jenna L.

January 20.......Lilliana W.

January 21......Braedon R.

January 21......Karly Z.

January 24......Kellen S.

January 25......Leah M.

January 27......Fiona P.

January 27......Sidak S.

January 28......Abigail H.

January 28......Tyler P.

January 29......Gabriella L.

January 29......Kyle S.

January 30......Layla M.

January 31......Vincent C.

Calendar of Events for January 2020

January 7.......PTO Meeting 6:30 PM

January 18....YMCA Polar Plunge/Slopers (Volunteers welcome)

January 20.....Martin Luther King Jr. Day/NO SCHOOL

January 21.....PD Day/Early Dismissal Students


Our Thalberg Staff family has increased by two this past month just before Christmas. Moms and babies are all doing well.
Mrs. Kenny's son Brayden Matthew Kenny joined big brother Cameron and big sister Brooklyn on 12/11/19.
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Mrs. Diaz welcomed her daughter Cheyenne Lilith Ruiz-Diaz on 12/16/2019.

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Pajama Day for CCMC

Thank you for your generous contributions for CCMC. $500 was collected.

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Valentine's Toy Drive

The toy drive was a huge success. When the toys were collected a "pop up party" was led by Valentine the clown and her helpers. Students and staff were given red noses to wear to make someone smile. Your generosity was greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to the STEPS students for their collection of calendars for veterans and seniors.

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Giving Tree

Thalberg was really in the giving spirit this year. Again, thank you for the generous donations of hats, gloves, mittens and scarves for the Giving Tree. With your help over 130 warm items were donated to people in need during this cold winter season!! Great work Thalberg!
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Courtyard Winter Beauty

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Vocal Music Happenings with Mrs. Ferrall

Take a look at our website:

Kindergarten: Students have been continuing to practice keeping a steady beat to many different songs and rhymes. We’ve also been practicing contrasts such as fast/slow and soft/loud and practicing moving in a circle (which is trickier than it sounds! J). Ask your child to sing and demonstrate the song “Sally Go Round the Sun.”

First Grade: Students have been learning some new rhythms (ta and ti-ti) as well as learning about sol and mi. Ask them to tell you the story of Mr. Sol and Mr. Mi and see if they can label them on a music staff!

Second Grade: Students are working more on reading and reciting rhythms on the syllables ta, ti-ti, and rest. We also learned a new rhythm; ta-ah or a half note. We’re also continuing to work on our singing voices and practice our solfege syllables (sol, mi and now la). The students love playing the game “solami!”

Third Grade: Third graders are beginning to learn the note names on the staff. We are preparing for recorders and will begin learning to play recorders after winter break. The students are so excited to play and we will put on a small performance in the spring.

Fourth Grade: Students in fourth grade have been continuing to practice our solfege syllables and working on singing in a round. We will begin practicing for our spring concert after winter break. Students will have to focus on singing in parts while still practicing reading the rhythms and solfege in our songs.

Fifth Grade: The fifth grade students did a wonderful job at their holiday concert! They worked so hard and Miss Baer and I were so proud of their efforts. For the remainder of the year, we will continue to work on singing voices but also be able to work more on reading and writing music. Students will have an opportunity to compose their own piece of music in the late spring.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at


Welcome to a new year! As illnesses increase in frequency throughout the winter, it is important to remember good handwashing habits. Also, please review the district policy on sending students to school when ill (located in the health section on the district and school website). If your student has vomited or had a fever in the last 24 hours, then he/she should not come to school. This allows the student enough time to fully recover from the illness AND helps to stop the spread of germs during contagious periods. You may send your student to school with cough drops. However, cough drops need to be kept in the health office and accompanied by a parent note, giving the student permission to eat cough drops in school. Students may not carry cough drops on their person through out the day at school. Please call the main office when reporting your student absent from school. If you have ANY health related questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Welcome back!

Casie Messina

Thalberg School Nurse

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