Cast-Iron Piano Frame

Helena Walts - 7A

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Creator: Alpheus Babcock

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Cast-Iron Piano Frame Info and Facts:

Interesting Fact:

  • Before the cast-iron frame, the piano had a frame that was made of wood and would get warped from the sound made by the piano.

Why It Was Created / What does it solve:

  • It was invented to prevent people from having to replace the wooden frames and to allow louder music to be played. If you used the wooden frame, you would have to replace it after it got warped.

What Does It Do:

  • It allows people to play and hear louder music, withstand high string tensions, and does not get warped from the tensions.

How It Work:

  • It works by first pressing a key on the piano, which sends sound waves through the strings that go through a part connected and above the frame. Then the sound goes through another part of the frame called the web, which lets the waves have contact with the air.

The Ways it Improves Society / Life Without It:

  • It helped improve society by having it to where churches could have louder sounds and non- warped piano frames.
  • Life without the development of this invention would not be too different because all it does in changing this world is improving the sound of the piano.

How This Invention Impacted Me / What It Is Like Today and The Newer Version:

  • It has impacted me by letting me be able to play the piano without me worrying when to replace a wooden piano frame.
  • There are some versions of this invention still around today that is exactly like it, but now many pianos are electronic.