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GIVING THANKS! November 16 - 20, 2015

Longview Green and Clean @ Johnston-McQueen

It truly takes a village! On Saturday morning, these folks all donated time to clean up our grounds. Nine bags of paper, pine cones, and other debris have been removed from sight. For the moment, the grounds look fantastic! We dare the wind to undo our efforts! A big thank you to Ethan, Aleksandr and Ortilia Ortega, Luisa and Jessica Hernandez, Bobbie Wilson, Nikki Briscoe and Melanie Martin! What an industrious crew!
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Unclaimed Jackets

We found nine jackets (no names) Saturday on the playground. I have washed them and will return them to the stage to be claimed. Please remind parents in planners to label all outerwear. Also, if you see jackets outside, choose some helpers to bring them in so they do not stay out overnight. It is getting colder, and all our students need their coats!
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REMINDERS THIS WEEK w/Explanation Below

Busy Week - I want to emphasize a few of the calendar items below.

  • Monday - Let's Talk/Early Dismissal Note Home, Staff Appreciation
  • Wednesday - 504 training completion certificate due
  • Wednesday - Fire Drill
  • Wednesday - Data Meetings, Process Champions Meet (M.Cook to prepare agenda)
  • Thursday - Qomo training after school with Allison Glen
  • Friday - Dismissal at 12:00 - Teachers eat after dismissal

Let's Talk and Dismissal Flyer

Please find flyers in your boxes on Monday and send home with every child. We want to make sure every parent knows about our early dismissal dates and times as well as our Let's Talk Communication system. Even employees may use Let's Talk. Administrators of the different departments and schools in the district are supposed to answer Let's Talk communications within 48 hours. (The pressure is on!)

Appreciation Abounds for JMQ Staff!

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The Barista will be here on Monday - 8:45 - 11:00!

If you do not have a planning period during the time the barista will be on campus, leave her your grade-level order, and we will deliver! Look for the coffee bar in the foyer or in the conference room. You can choose Mochas, Lattes, Cappuccinos, Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea and Italian Sodas. Anything can be iced and/or decaf.

Thank you to all the JMQ staff for all you do for our students!

PLCs this Wednesday - Short Meeting

Pick up data reports and guiding questions for you to use in your GLM. When we come back from Thanksgiving Break, PLCs will focus on weak TEKS and strategies to help student achieve mastery of those TEKS.
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Quomo Tablet - A device of freedom!

This is a device that prevents you from being tethered to the presentation cart. If you need help using this device, meet with Allison Glenn in the cafeteria at 3:15 for Qomo training after school on Thursday. Teachers need to use proximity for classroom management, and this nifty device makes that possible.

Professional Development

Math Coach's Corner

Donna Boucher's Blog, Math Coach's Corner, is informative. She is a math interventionist in Katy, Texas. I have shared one of her posts as well as a button link to her blog below. If you teach math, take a look!

Technology Health - An APP' a Day.......

I am grateful for each of you! May you have a restful and joyful Thanksgiving!

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