Test of Gross Motor Development

(TGMD-2) Author: Dale A. Ulrich

Basic Test Information

Author assisted by: Christopher B. Stanford

Published by: Pro-Ed, Inc. (An International Publisher)

Year Published: 1985, Revised in 2000


The TGMD-2 is a test of gross motor development and is designed to assess the gross motor functioning in children 3 through 10 years of age. The test measures 12 gross motor skills that may be taught to children in preschool, early elementary and special education classes.

The gross motor skills measured include locomotor and object control.

Locomotor skills include:





-Horizontal Jump


Object control skills include:

-Striking a stationary ball

-Stationary dribble



-Overhand throw

-Underhand roll

The students below are being testing on different skills that are apart of the TGMD-2.

Requirements for Testing

Time required: 15-20 minutes per one child

*Time may vary depending on child's age and examiner's experience.

Qualifications of Examiner: should have some training in assessment which includes a basic understanding of statistics, general procedures governing test administration, scoring, interpretation, and specific information about motor development and it's testing.

*Supervised practice in administering and interpreting motor development tests is desirable.

Test Materials: 8-10 in. playground ball, 4 in. light weight ball, basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, softball, 4-5 in. square beanbag, tape, 2 traffic cones, plastic bat, batting tee

Ready, Set, Go!!

Scoring and Results

Methods of Scoring and Types of Scores Obtained: This test is scored by hand using 1's and 0's. 1 meaning the behavior component was performed correctly. 0 meaning that the behavior component was performed incorrectly. A raw score is obtained after the child has 2 trials to do the behavior and then a standard score is given.

Basal/Ceiling Guidelines: none


I really enjoyed using this web tool to share information about the Test of Gross Motor Development. Overall, I feel like it was pretty easy to figure out and I had no problems with trying to post the information that I needed. I thought that it was cool that you can actually post videos and links as well. I feel like this will definitely catch students/parents attention when sending out information in the future and I feel like I will definitely use this. I really like how the outcome turned out!