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Edition 10- Friday, 5th April, 2019

A Note from the Principal

Term 1 2019 has come to an end and the holidays are upon us. This term students have participated in many classroom activities around positive behavior and how to build the tool kit of strategies to deal with situations that occur throughout life.

Staff have been planning follow-on activities for term two to develop student’s strategies even further. I was extremely proud the other day when I heard the language we have been teaching being used in the playground. Below is an article to provide practical strategies parents of children who are or may be bullying others can use to discourage them from doing so.

Talking with your children

if they are bullying others

All children are capable of bullying at some time and it is important for parents to respond in a calm and helpful manner.

Encouraging your children not to bully others

Parents can:

· Talk with your children about what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, e.g. “we should not tease people to make them feel bad”;

· Work together with your family to establish simple rules and expectations about how to treat each other amongst the family members;

· Encourage and provide opportunities for your children to openly discuss bullying issues with the family;

· Discuss friendship and help your children make friends by encouraging them to play with other children at school, at home or in the neighbourhood;

· Invite other children over for visits and help your children make their guests feel welcome;

· Encourage your children to share their things with other children they feel would enjoy them too; and

· Improve your children’s self-esteem by encouraging them to have a go at new activities and thinking about their abilities in a realistic way.

District Athletics

Congratulations to all the students who participated at the District Aths on Thursday. A full report of results will be communicated when Mr Kent has finalised results.

Carpet/Toilets/Painting/Air Conditioners

A big thank you to all teachers, students and adults who helped move furniture onto areas that will not be affected by works occurring over the holiday break.

Lots happening over the holiday!

Toilets - Saturday this week the builders will begin on the toilets and the library.

Carpets - All carpets will be pulled out on Tuesday and should be replaced by the end of the week.

Painting – The office area and some outside areas will be painted this weekend.

Air Conditioners – The Air Cons damaged by the SP Ausnet power surge last year will be replaced the first week of the holidays.

The first few days of second term all rooms will be put back together. Due to this, Tuesday and Wednesday student learning may be disrupted. Thank you for your understanding with this.The school will look great next term!

End of Term

The last day of term 1 2019 is today - Friday 5 April. Just a reminder that school will be finishing at 2.30pm and the normal school bus will be leaving HPS at 2.10pm.

Whatever you may be doing over the holidays, please stay safe, enjoy time with your family and friends and have a fantastic break. Term 2 begins on Tuesday 23 April. Please note that ANZAC day falls on Thursday 25 April, the first Thursday of Term 2.

If you and your family use our school grounds during the holidays and see any suspicious activity, please call DET Emergency Management ( 9589 6266 or Healesville Police ( 5962 4422.

Friday 5 April

End of Term 1 - Finishing Time 2:30pm

(Bus travellers finish 2:15pm)

Free Dress Day - Footy Colours - Gold coin donation towards 'Hope Choir'

Monday 22 April

Public Holiday - Easter Monday

Tuesday 23 April

First Day Term 2

Selected Grade 6 Students to MacRobertson Girls High School 8am - 3pm approx.

Thursday 25 April

Public Holiday - ANZAC Day

Monday 29 April - Tuesday 7 May

Senior School Swimming 5/6K, 5/6S, 5/6W & P6J

Tuesday 30 April


Tuesday 7 May

Parents & Community Helpers (P.A.C.H.) Meeting 9am-10am - Staffroom

New members welcome.

Thursday 23 May

Alpha Production - King Arthur - whole school incursion

Tuesday 4 June

Parents & Community Helpers (P.A.C.H.) Meeting 9am-10am - Staffroom

New members welcome.

Prep B: Whole Grade

1F: Kasey S & Jordan M

1/2V: Jett B & Lewis C

2G: Kirra W & Ava K

3K: Heidi R & Chloe R 3/4B: Daniel R & Grace S 4G: Maddy S

5/6S: Taya M 56W: Lyndsay M

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The Wellbeing Corner - with Penny & Dreana

Hi HPS families,

School holidays can be a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to have a break from routine. No school lunches, slow mornings, a time to reconnect with each other and enjoy different activities. This is much easier when we're free from the stress of a daily schedule.

The internet is packed with ideas (some are free or cheap) of things to do in the school holidays.

Here's a couple of links to get you started.

The first one includes; the arts, farms, crafts, galleries and zoos etc. The next one is ideas in and around the home. And lastly, local activity ideas close to home. A long list of options ranging from forest adventures, art activities, science ideas, a focus on the environment, and even an Easter egg hunt.


We have pulled together the ultimate Melbourne School Holiday Activity list for kids to keep your whole family busy these school holidays.

Melbourne School Holidays : Activities for Kids - The Kid Bucket List




Whatever you choose to do in the holidays I hope it's a time of reconnection, relaxation and enjoyment.

Sometimes quality time with the people who love us most is all we need to recharge our batteries.

Best wishes and enjoy,


House Tokens

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Canteen Menu

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Please click here to order your uniforms online.

School Login Details: Username - HPS Password - HPS


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I hope everyone has a great break and l hope everyone stays safe over the Easter Break.

We will see you all in Term 2 on the 23rd of April.

From Stacey & Bob - where we make children smile.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afterschool Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.