On January 17, 1893 the Overthrow of Hawaiian Kingdom would not have been possible without the roles President Cleveland, President McKinley and Minister John Stevens played.


Overall, the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on 1893, would not have been possible without the role of President Cleveland, President Mckinley, and Minister John Stevens. There were a lot of things that happened during the overthrow. This topic is important in history because there we're a lot of changes that happened from before until now. Also, the Hawaiians voices wasn't heard because they did not own the land, which they also does not have the right to vote. However, when the Monarchs were under control of the Hawaiian Islands the voices of the Natives were still heard even when they did not own the any lands. Therefore, the overthrow is an important topic in the history. The long term significance is that foreigners are able to come to Hawaii and could live in here. Not only white people but also fem other countries and continents of the nation. As a result, everyone can now vote to choose the president.


Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of union because decades ago in the Hawaiian Kingdom, the monarchs were forced to sign papers and constitution to annex Hawaii. Also, when Hawaii was on the process of annexation, the foreigners violated the law by threatening the monarchs powers without the concern of the wishes of the Hawaiian people. In addition, President Grover Cleveland also disagreed with the annexation of Hawaii. Therefore, Hawaii is not a legal nor a lawful state of union.


When the foreigners came to Hawaii Islands and started to own lands the monarchs loss their powers. The foreigners were on control of the Hawaiian Islands because they own majority of the land in the Hawaiian Islands. So things started to change, such as the religion and the way they do their art as a Hawaiian people. These changes makes it a disaster to them as natives. In this video, the women had said "we are not Americans...we will die as Hawaiians" with an angry voice.


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