Ski Cliff Jumping

Alexis Keeton

Description of Ski Cliff Jumping

Ski cliff jumping is for males and females. You play the sport on snow and ice. You wear beanies, goggles, and boss snow pants. You're on skis and you're going down hills and jumping off them and hopefully having a good landing(: but it seems pretty fun i would totally like to do this one day. And ski cliff jumping is a summer and winter sport.

History of Ski Cliff Jumping

Ski cliff jumping started in Norway. Olaf Rye was the first known ski jumper in 1809 he launched himself 9.5 meters in the air. By 1862 ski cliff jumpers we're facing much more highers jumps and traveling way more. The very first record was held at Trysild Norway on January 22 1862. When you compete the Judges except you to not fall at all and complete it will a perfect landing. It's very entertaining but competitive to. The first female to start ski cliff jumping was Sondre Northeim jumped 30 meters high that was impressive she won seven years in a row of a audience of over 2,000 people. Some of the teams will just have all men or some will just have all women, or theirs teams with both on one team.


There's really no rules for Ski Cliff Jumping, if your just starting out listen to your instructor because you don't want to do anything wrong and get hurt. Because all your really doing is your on skis and you jump off of a cliff. So just be careful and pay attention.

Uniform/Epuipment Description

Ski Cliff jumping is the least complicated extreme sport. There no equipment to buy no special clothing to wear and no provider services to hire. It's just your body sailing through the air.

"How Competition is Won"

Your judged by how high you can jump, how many flips you pull. If you have a perfect landing without falling. And of course your in a race so your trying your best and giving your all to win. You really have to want it so just try your best and then at the end of the tournament they announce the winners.

Top Competitors in the Sport

Matthew Jamison Pierre was born February 22, 1973 he has seven siblings his parents are Pam and Gerald Pierre. He does by Jamie and he started skiing at age ten, he grew up in Buck Hill Minnesota. He graduated high school and decided to live his life as a ski bum. At the age of 32 in 2005 he got married and had a daughter the plan is to ski more fall out of the ski less. He jumped cliffs from 90 feet, everybody loved him.

Why this sport should be clued in the Olympics Games!

This sport is a very popular sport a lot of people seem to like this sport. I've read articles where people said they would love to ski cliff jump all day if they could. I would like to do this one day it's on my bucket list a lot of people seem to enjoy it. Some may thing it's dangerous and yes i'm sure it could be but that's why you take lesson first that would make no since to go jump off a cliff and not know anything about your doing and getting your self into. We need more Sports in the Olympic games get ore people active in our society, a lot of people are not out playing a sport some do but not most. I think that if we was to add more sports more people would get more involved. So that's why I think that Ski Cliff Jumping should be be in the Olympic Sports/games.

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