Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 11/13/2020

"Focused on Learning and Linking Learning to Life"

Be Positive, Be Grateful, Be Involved, Be Flexible

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

~ John F. Kennedy
Wednesday was Veterans Day. Our utmost thanks to all of our veterans out there for your service to our county!
As you make Thanksgiving plans, please remember to take appropriate precautions to limit the spread of COVID.


Capital Project Update

The architect is scheduling a meeting in the next couple of weeks to finalize plans for the shop project.

District Culture and Climate

Each week our THS staff are working together to identify HS students they think might be having a tough time and could use a little extra support so they can let them know they are cared for. Sometimes just reminding someone that they are valued can make all the difference in their day. Thank you, HS for going beyond and supporting our students through this challenging time.

Parent and Community Engagement

Washington State has extended the restrictions on school boards meeting face to face until December. Our November 30th board meeting will be virtual. The November 18th work session was canceled.

Staff Updates

We have been staffing a health aid position for several weeks as a sub in order to give our nursing staff the extra help we need for managing the increased duties with COVID. The district will be hiring this position for the rest of the year. It should be posted today. I am also working with Family Health Centers to see if there are resources there to help fund this position for a longer period of time.

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

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Free COVID Testing Information

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