Ms. Portillo's Weekly Newsletter

1st Grade

April 14th-18th

Easter Study Trip

All 1st grade students will be visiting Cedar Hill Farm for a study trip Monday, April 14, 2014. The study trip will include entry in the Farm, a Hayride out to the Egg Hunt Field, visit the Easter Bunny, the Petting Zoo, the Ag in the Classroom Chicken Show, the Education Station, Cedar Hill Rail Road, and use of the Play and Picnic Areas. Students will have lunch during the study trip. The study trip is an average of three hours. Students will depart first thing in the morning (regular school hours) then after three hours student will return to campus to finish the day with other educational activities. I have received everyone permission slips last week, thank you!

Math, Math, and More Math!

Math Goals

To reach our 1st grade math objectives, all the teachers have come up with a healthy activity to reach our math goals:

  • number and numeration
  • operations and computation
  • data and chance
  • measurement and reference frames
  • geometry
  • patterns, functions, and algebra

Each class will have a Fluency Flashcard competition. The teacher selects two team captains and each team captains recruits students on their team, once theres two teams the teachers hold up a Fluency Flashcard (5+3=?) whom ever gives the correct answer first gets to keep the card, and at the end whom ever has the most card gets a ticket. Tickets will be collect at the end of the week for students to use at the book fair to purchase what they desire.

Food For Those In Need

Food Drive

We are proud to say that all 1st grade student will be participating in a food drive. We as teachers like to teach our students academics but most importantly we like to instill the power of giving back to their communities, therefore Coogs Elementary School will collect any canned goods (not expired) from any student that would like to donate any perishable items. Note this activity is not mandatory. I may participate at your own discretion. On a positive note, we highly appreciate all canned goods given to this humbling cause.

Plant it, then Eat it!

Strawberry Garden

As we all know, our 1st graders have been giving back to Earth by planting trees and strawberries for the school garden. The students have been waiting patiently to receive the fruits of their labor, therefore the strawberries will be eaten this week along with a lesson over the life cycle of a strawberry plant. We want to teach our students to be knowledgeable of what Earth has to offer and most importantly the subject of science! Combining their smell, taste, and sight will assure that they will learn this concept. As far as I know, no one in my classroom has a strawberry allergy, but please email me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank You

Again to all parents, thank you for all your collaboration, help, and support!