The Indochinese Tiger

The Most Majestic Animal Ever

The Indochinese Tiger

The Indochinese Tiger is endangered. It is the subspecies for the Panthera Tigiris Corbetti. They are found in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma.They once inhabited China too ,but non of the tigers have been seen there since 2007. They live in mountains so it is hard for hunters to hunt them, but in some remote areas it is illegal to hunt for them.

The Indochinese Tigers Offspring

The Indochinese Tiger gives birth to about 3 pups at a time and can have up to 7. The tigers don't have set season for mating but is sometimes from late November through early April. It takes 16 weeks for them to be born. The mothers have to take care of the pups for them to grow up strong.

Why Indochinese Tigers Are Endangered

The Indochinese Tiger is endangered because they are poached. In order to meet the increasing demands for tiger bodies used to make medicines and new folk tonics. Farms in Thailand, Vietnam, and China maintain the demands for tiger products from all sources - including the wild - and worsen the poaching products.

Predators And Prey

The Indochinese Tigers hunt larger animals like deer, wild boar, cattle, and goats. Due to the large size and power of these tigers they have no natural predators in its native environment, but predators could be humans.

What You Can Do To Help

What can be done to help is to improve conditions so both their prey and their populations can be safe. Also you can support wildlife groups that want to help them. And adopt them.

If They Became Extinct

If the Indochinese Tiger were to become extinct that wouldn't be good because they are at the top of the food chain and they control the herbivores so it would turn the vegetation of the forest. Herbivores would over power and the deforestation would make it worse throwing the entire Ecosystem off of balance.