Snakes need help!!!


snakes are becoming endangered, so, we, the SPA, are setting up a fundraiser so we can

get enough money to make a sanctuary for them. Please attend our fundraiser and donate to save these awesome animals.

The Saving Snakes Fundraiser

Thursday, March 6th, 4-9pm

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

We will have guest speakers, like snake activists Adam Sandler, Jonah, and Dani De Groot.

4 PM: Start of Fundraiser

6 PM: Dinner

7-8 PM: Guest Speaking

9 PM: End of Fundraiser

Snakes Are Awesome

Snake heads have been cut off by hunters just for the fun of it, which is just horrible. So, we think they should be given a safe home from all the terror they must face.

Please Help

If you donate, you will have done a great thing for this reptilian animal. So in advance, thank you.