User Acquisition Update

Aug Wk 5: 24 - 30

Record Days! Hurray!

Last week, we achieved 966 downloads with app launches. That is a +14% WoW (week over week) increase!

  • Saturday was a record day for us, with 169 downloads in one day! Already can see that we beat this record this week...stay tuned.

Creates: There were a total of 724 looks saved last week.

  • Curious why there is a 242 variance between first launch and # of looks saved. Is it possible that we are losing some users in the onboarding process? Why are they launching our app and not saving?

Item Source: Majority of items are imported from photo library.

  • 1,242 items imported from Photo Library.
  • 917 from Web.
  • 607 from Camera.


Poshmark Users are marketing StyleIt. Here are two things we did that helped grow our number of daily downloads by 30%:

1. Nominated Kathy Adams as Stylist of the Week.

2. Created a bootleg ad in StyleIt Poshmark closet (see below) for Poshmark users to share.

We now have 572 followers on Poshmark that we can market to.

Big image

FACEBOOK (Paid Acquisition)

32% of our users were acquired through Facebook (305 downloads).

  • Our Facebook spend was $1946.49, which brings the user acquisition cost to $6.38 per user. Yikes!

Bad news: The Poshmark, Threadflip, and Women 15-30 generalized campaigns that route Facebook users to our desktop site are expensive. They aren't effective.

Good news: Ad optimization works.

  • Ran an A/B test of a back to school mobile ad, targeted at college and teen girls.
  • Results? User acquisition cost reduced by 1/3. Currently $2.29.
  • Learnings? Teen girls are "cheaper" to acquire ($2.08), but we need to measure how engaged they are with StyleIt over time.

Going forward:

  • Will stop generalized ads.
  • Will run targeted experiments with Facebook mobile ads and continue to refine our user segments.