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November 6th 2020

Upcoming Events

-Tuesday, Nov 17th-6.30pm-PTC meeting

-Tuesday, Nov 24th-end of 1st Trimester

-Wednesday, Nov 25th-NO SCHOOL-Professional Development Day

-Thursday, Nov 26th-NO SCHOOL

-Friday, Nov 27th-NO SCHOOL

Attendance Issues

With virtual instruction, we are running into a problem with student attendance records. Section 118.15 of the Wisconsin Statutes states students must attend school and if they do not, parents/guardians must report to the school why. The school is required to record this data and report it to the state in June. The data is used by the state for federal reporting and to give us a score on the school report card.

The Erin School Board has authorized three programs during this COVID time and have asked the parents to choose one. Most parents chose the face to face program while others chose the blended option and a few chose the full time virtual. If you change your choice, you need to let the school know why so it can be coded correctly.

When you change your original choice, technically, your child is considered absent but we can excuse this absence if you tell us why you are changing their placement from what you originally chose. For example, if you are a face to face student but want to go virtual for the day, I need to know why or I am going to mark them unexcused even if they attend virtually. If the student is sick, I will record this as sick but give them an excused absence and this does not count against the district and recorded as a student attending school. Other reasons students are out is what you would expect such as vacation, funeral, or missed bus. Parents can also, under the law, tell us personal reasons but you only get 5 of these per semester or 10 for the year. If you use more than these, they are considered unexcused.

Before COVID, attendance was tricky but with COVID and the multiple learning options, it has become even more trickier. We know the state will be releasing a report card this year and attendance is still part of the school report card grade. Your cooperation in helping us make sure our data is clean and accurate will make sure we get a good attendance score when the report cards are released.

It is important you follow what you chose for your child(rens) instructional option but if you can not, please be patient when we ask why. We just want to make sure we are recording it correctly in our system and that your child is getting the best instruction. It is hard on the school and staff when students do not stick with what they picked and bounce from the various options.

Dr. Kriewaldt and Mrs. Kalina

Erin School Spirit Wear

Erin School Spirit wear is here! You can order through the below website:

Orders are due by Sunday, November 15th. Orders will be delivered to school before the holidays.

Thank you!

Counceling News

Erin School District is pleased to announce to our school community that a new service will soon be provided within the Erin School District.

As a school district we are aware of the number of our students receiving clinical mental health support. We also know that accessing clinical mental health services outside of school hours can be a challenge. Identifying a provider, arranging transportation and finding a time slot that works with a busy schedule can be difficult.

We are happy to announce that Saint A. Inc. agency will look to begin offering clinical services on site within Erin School as part of a partnership program beginning as early as January 2021. Please stay tuned for more information as we look to establish this on site clinic within our school district.

Student Council-Destination Dino Liam Pajama Drive

We are collecting new pajamas for Destination Dino Liam Pajama Drive. Pajamas can be dropped of Dec 1-4 at our school.

See flyer for more details.

Thank you!

Virtual Stem and Chess programs

Stem Program: Fridays, Nov 13th -Dec 18th, 5 pm-5.45 pm, cost is $45. See flyer for registration info.

Chess Program: Tuesdays, Nov 10th- Dec 15th, 5pm-6pm, cost is $50. See flyer for registration info.

Erin School Ski Club

Ski Club Registration is here! Our dates are Mondays, January 11th, 25th and February 1st, 8th 2021.

See flyer for more detailed info.

Please note that Little Switz has currently capped our registration to 40 participants this season. Only Erin School Students can register right now. First come, first serve-online registration will close once we reach 40 or on Wednesday, December 9th.

We will have a one way bus to the hill if we have enough interest.

If you, as a parent or family/friends are interested in participating please email Mrs. Matthys and you will be put on a waiting list (first come, first serve) in the event we don't have 40 students participate or if Little Switz adds more slots to our registration. Please indicate in your email if you need tickets/equipment/lessons.

If you are currently not an Erin School student do NOT register online.

Online registration:

group code: ERIN2021

Payment: cash or check, made out to Erin School, is due by Wednesday, December 9th. Please print your registration email out and send it to school with your payment. Please mark on your printout if your student will ride the bus one way to the hill or not.

Changes at the hill due to Covid 19:

If your student is a season pass holder and does not need lessons/equipment but would like to ride the bus, please email Mrs. Matthys-do not register online.

Any questions, contact Mrs. Matthys or 262-673-3720

Free Items

We have a couple of items that are up for grabs (tables, easel white boards etc). If you are interested in any of these please pick them up by our dumpsters in the back of our building.

Lunch-Voting Results

On Nov 3rd, students were able to vote which lunch they would like on Tue, Nov 24th. The choices were Cheese Dunkers or Chicken Nuggets. Cheese Dunkers got 99 votes and Chicken Nuggets 190.

So Chicken Nuggets will be choice 1 on Tue Nov 24th and choice 2 will be PBJ & string cheese.

School Lunches for Virtual Learners

NOTE: Pick up day and time has changed.

- Menu

- Order Form

- Orders can be placed between 9:00 am Friday and 9:00 am Monday.

- Orders need to be picked up on Wednesdays between 1:45 pm-2:15 pm at the rear entrance of Erin School.

Meals are no cost regardless of free/reduced eligibility until federal funding is exhausted (anticipated to be through December 2020).

Complete one order form per child you are picking up for. Children may only receive 1 lunch per scheduled school day; receiving meals from more than one community location is prohibited.

Questions? Contact Cathy Conway at or (262)673-3720 ext. 4140

Don't Sit, Stay Fit! Former Erin School student Gold Award Girl Scouts Project

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Lee. I am a junior at Arrowhead High School and I went to Erin School (and yes, Mrs. Lee is my mother). Right now I am working on my Gold Award for Girl Scouts. I have been working with Mr. Mueller to help incorporate more fitness into the lives of the Erin School community. During this time of COVID-19, many of us are not getting the exercise we need.

I am focusing on improving exercise and wellness with my project "Don't Sit, Stay Fit." I have made videos of a lot of different brain breaks--some active and some much calmer. They can be used at school to help get students moving when they need a break. They can also be used at home, for those who are studying virtually and having a hard time finding fitness activities or just need a change of pace for a few minutes. Attached is a document that has links to all of my videos. Feel free to share the links with anyone who might be interested in adding some more exercise to their daily routine.

There are also some videos that families can use at home to help incorporate cardio and fitness into daily life. Fitness is an important part of life, and during this pandemic, it's something we all need to focus on. I look forward to helping you stay fit!

Good News Club (4K-5th grade)

Good News Club will be held on Mondays at Erin School in the Art room. Sessions will run from 3.30 pm-4.30 pm starting Nov 9th through April 2021.

If you are interested please complete the sign up form for your student and drop it off at the front office.

Please make sure to let your student's teacher know if they are going to GNC.

PTC News

* The Scholastic Book Fair will be online this year. It will run from Mon, Nov 9th-Sun Nov 22nd.

Online shopping link:

Note, the store won't open until Monday, Nov 9th.

See flyer for more details.

* Thank you for your participation in the Box Top contest.

Congratulations to our contest winners: Mrs Hahn-3rd grade, Mrs Rekowski, and Mrs Zurbuchen!

Please continue to save unexpired Box Top clips for the next contest, and continue to scan your receipts with the Box Top app. See for more info and to download the easy to use app. Thanks!

Community News

* Erin Soccer Club apparel-visit their website for more info.

Please note this is not Erin School Spirit Wear.

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