By: Nayeli, and Julian

About Ares

Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. Both of his parents disliked him, he was very aggressive. Since he was not kind, everybody thought of his personality as a brutal nature of war. Ares was the God Of War, he was unpopular with gods, and humans. He was both murderous, and deadly. Even though he was strong, and immortal, if he were to get hurt, he would run back to his father Zeus, and get healed.

Facts About Ares

As you know Ares was the God of war. He was not a very likable God. So because he was so aggressive he was known for being mean, and brutal. His skill was being murderous. His weapons were weapons of war like, spear, sword, and arrow. Those were my facts about Ares the god of war.