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If you were back in time and you wanted to be teached about the six different arts, the best person to go to is Confucius. He was born on September 28, 551 BC, and died in 479 BC. He taught his students the ideas of ancient Chinese wise men that he studied in order to achieve reform in the government which is lawless and corrupt. Confucius wanted to encourage his students to be good to there parents and ancestors. He taught six different arts in schools and they where rites, music, archery,charioteering, calligraphy, and mathematics. The teachings taught his students , they wrote them down in a book, and it was studied 24 hundred years ago. Confucius was a legend in china and had many teachings for good behavior. If you want to learn more about Confucius you can go to Confucius Temple, Qufu, Shandong in china and this is where you can find more information about him.

Shang Dynasty

Do you know who was the first dynasty with written recordings? The Shang dynasty was the first but others say that this dynasty was the second after Xia dynasty.The Shang dynasty has been popular in history for many centuries.The three reasons why you should go visit Yin ruins is you can learn more information about the Shang Dynasty, it's a beautiful scenery, and it's an important landmark. The Shang ruled 1600 Bc to 1046 BC. They ruled an area around the yellow river valley fro around 500 years. The Shang people believed in human sacrifice, for anybody. Another name for this dynasty is the Yin dynasty. As you read, the Yin ruins is a perfect place to learn more about the Shang Dynasty. The photo on the side is the map and the grey represents the land the Shang Dynasty ruled.

The Great Wall Of China

Do you know the longest wall in the world? The world’s longest wall is The Great Wall of China. This wall is 2,300 years old and has been through many attacked from nearby neighbors. The wall is 5,500.3 miles long or in 8,851 km long. While the people built the wall there was as many as 400,000 people that were killed and got buried under the great wall of china. This wall was built in the Ming Dynasty and this dynasty ruled for almost 300 years. When the people were working on the wall they would get attacked and used the wall for protection. When they started building the wall they used earth, stones, and wood , as the years went on they changed some parts into brick for more support. The Great Wall of China is a very important landmark in history and it shows the hard work that people did, this wall you can walk and see in China.

Everything You Need to Know About the Great Wall of China

Terracotta Soldiers

Over 7,000 human sized, hand made terracotta soldiers stand before Qin Shi Huang. This landmark is a very important and is a huge part of history. The terracotta soldiers are stands in Mt.Lee in China. There was 3 caves full of the terracotta soldiers, and 1 cave was empty because Qin Shi Huang died before the job was finished. More than 700,000 people worked on the soldiers and after they were down with making most of the clay soldiers Qin Shi Huang ordered to bury the people alive so they wouldn’t spread the secret location. In this tomb there was soldiers, horses, chariots, and archers made out of clay in Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. By a farmer he found a clay head by shoveling into the ground and his shovel got into a clay head. Qin Shi Huang tomb has never been open because china doesn’t have enough money to open it and restore all the different things, it is unknown what is in his tomb. Qin Shi Huang tomb has actually been dug up and you can visit a museum that looks just like it.

Hukou Waterfall

The world’s largest waterfall on the yellowstone valley is actually located in China. It’s called the Hukou Waterfall, this waterfall is very popular location people visit because of its beauty. This waterfall is the second largest waterfall in the world. The waterfall is 98 feet wide and is 66 feet tall. The waterfall is located in Yan’an, Shaanxi, China. It is 165 km to the west of Fenxi city, and 50 km to the east of Yinchuan. The best time to see this waterfall is in the time period between April to May, and September to October. The Hukou waterfall is a gorgeous location where you spend time admiring the view.

Yalong Bay

The Yalong Bay is a huge resort in China. The beach is located on Wuzhizhou island. This is a beach in southeast of Sanya City, Hainan Province, China. In Hainan Province this resort is one of the famous scenic spots on the island. The beach is 7.5 kilometers, and is shaped in a crescent shape. Another name for Yalong Bay is Yalong Bay National resort. The Yalong Bay national Resort is a very nice, and clean place that many people go to and have many good reviews about the resort.